Ramadan 2018 Campaign Success Story

After month of work and planning, I’m so glad to share with you Ramadan campaign for Jabal Omar Conrad Makkah. This is a mobile-first social media campaign, which means that its mainly designed for mobile users who represent the majority of our fans.

BTL Campaign

Conrad Makkah was featured on the in-flight back cover of All Emirates Flights to GCC, North Africa & Arabic speaking countries + 37 Emirates Business Lounges across the world. #Marketing #Hilton #Conrad #Emirates #Ramadan #Luxury

Also, We’ve launched in-mall advertising campaign in Riyadh & Eastern Provence key malls which are hot spots during Ramadan holy month.


We know that driving to the centralized area in Makkah during Ramadan is challenging, you can’t drive your car while you are wearing Ihram as you will be stopped at the check point and of course the traffic and parking are really annoying. During the last month, I have been working with Careem team to make our guest’s trip to/from our hotels more easier.
So relax and let Careem take care of the ride with a special 20% discount when you use JODCHiltons promo code at any time during the holy month of Ramadan. 🙂

Social Media Campaign


We tried to show in 4 different – 15 seconds videos, The experience that one has during this time, from Iftars and Suhours with loved ones, to moments of intimacy with family members.
In addition to the fact that Conrad Makkah is a destination that prides itself on building human relationships by offering stellar service uniquely positions it to take ownership of the emotions behind Ramadan and the ‘human’ element associated with this time.


The creative shows a spiraling animation with a collage of images which includes the human element, the hotel and the holy Haram. The black, gold and sepia colours blend well to create an engaging and mesmerising effect which will ensure an interst to find out more. The creative will also sit well apart from the other numerous communications which usually show blue skies and crescent moon.
Enjoy watching the below story version of the campaign



The hotel facebook page has was leading the fastest growing brands in Saudi on facebook since the beginning of Ramadan!

By the campaign end, we have reached more than 1.2 million users with 400K engagement. On the other hand, Conrad Makkah is ranked as the 3rd largest audience hotel facebook page in Saudi Arabia.