Meeting & Conferences Experience Campaign in Hilton Convention

Where business and spiritual journey meet, at the most sacred place

The goal from this project to create strong marketing assets that feature the largest convention & meeting facilities in the city with the key sales points for the property such as being steps away from the holy Haram. The video is a part of social media campaign. Also it is a great asset to the hotel marketing material to be used later on in the exhibitions.

What is better than holding your upcoming meeting or conference at the holy city making it an inspirationally experience for all attendees. During your visit, you and your guests will enjoy easy access to the Holy Haram and inspiring views of the city.
Jabal Omar Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel offers 11 meeting rooms and a ballroom up to 1600 guests; we want your meeting and events to be more rewarding. That means creating engaging experiences for your attendees and delivering better outcomes for your business.
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Arabic Version

حيث تلتقي الأعمال الناجحة برحلة الإيمان، على الأرض الطاهرة

ما هو أفضل من عقد اجتماعك أو مؤتمرك المقبل في المدينة المقدسة مما يجعله تجربة ملهمة لجميع الحاضرين. خلال زيارتك ، ستستمتع أنت وضيوفك بسهولة الوصول إلى الحرم الشريف وإطلالة رائعة على مكة المكرمة.

يوفر فندق جبل عمر هيلتون مكة ومركز المؤتمرات 11 غرفة اجتماعات وقاعة تتسع لـ 1600 ضيف ؛ نريد أن يكون اجتماعك مجزية وناجحة أكثر. وهذا يعني تقديم تجارب فريدة للحاضرين وتأمين نتائج أفضل لعملك.

للحجز والمعلومات، الرجاء الإتصال على الرقم +966-12-5657000 أو زيارة

The second phase of the campaign is a display ads in the key business online portals in the country

The third phase is for the Magazine & Newspaper ads


Supported by publishing on social media some videos of our previous key projects