Hilton Makkah Umrah Experience Campaign

Feed you heart, on a sensational Makkah Experience

This campaign is part of the pre-opening activities of the hotel as our goal is to create strong marketing assets that feature the Umrah Experience in Hilton Makkah Convention from spiritual perspective. The video is a part of social media campaign. Also it was a strong additional to the hotel marketing material to be used later on in the exhibitions and external activities.

Where good deeds abound and prayers are answered. It is time for reflection and inspiration. Choose Jabal Omar Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel for your next visit to the holy city. Only few steps to the Haram associated with 12 elevators dedicated to take you directly to Haram and enjoy the direct car private access that makes your journey smooth.
Choose your sanctuary. Book early and save.
For booking and information, please call at +966-12-5657000 or visit Hilton.com

Arabic Version

تجربة روحانية في مكة المكرمة، عشها بقلب نابض

حان وقت الإلهام في الأرض الطاهرة حيث الأجواء الروحانية المميزة والسلام الداخلي. اختر فندق جبل عمر هيلتون مكة ومركز المؤتمرات لزيارتك القادمة إلى المدينة المقدسة. على بعد خطوات قليلة فقط من الحرم المكي واستمتع بطريق خاص لدخول السيارات لجعل رحلتك سهلة و12 مصعدًا مخصصاً لنقلك مباشرة الى الحرم.

اختر إقامتك. احجز باكراً ووفر المزيد.

للحجز والمعلومات، الرجاء الإتصال على الرقم +966-12-5657000 أو زيارة ar.hilton.com

The social media campaign was supported by display campaign.

To complete the campaign cycle, we’ve published some offline print ads in the key Magazines & Newspapers