Digitalising the B2B Marketing

The importance of events cannot be underestimated. They are a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and generate leads. This is why our cluster sales team is very active in events participation inside and outside the country.

Print media has been used for decades When it comes to Business to Business marketing, but there are many disadvantages we have been suffering from which are:

  • Cost: Print media cost is really high
  • Logistics: It’s difficult to carry too much print material to the event place specially if you are traveling to overseas events like roadshows or business trips. neither to say, It’s truly hectic for our team to ship these boxes plus the additional high cost to ship them.
  • Engagement: what action do you expect from someone read a paper? the best we can get is to receive a call or a website visit but not more than that.
  • Tractability: You can trace if the other party really read these material and took an action after that
  • ROI calculation: You can’t track the actual ROI or engagement from your events if you use print media because you can’t trace it
  • Engagement: Print media is one side
  • Portability: Once people finish reading, It will most probably disposed and they won’t be able to return to it when they need it
  • Most important point, You can’t reach your leads again if you didn’t take their contact manually!

However, our cluster sales team used to face challenges with logistics and printing cost. For this reason, i have worked on creating a one-of-a-kind digital solution that made it easier for our business partners to explore our sales collateral and materials with a single QR code scan. We built a powerful digital directory that easy to use and offers real-time updates for our business partners.

Here is a video that summarise this activity which was regarded as a best practise in Hilton EMEA.

The Digital Directory collects the main marketing material and data from all four hotels and arranges them into a single page. The data includes

–Latest offers (if any)

–Hotel latest videos

–Hotels images

–Sales Collateral and more.

With this page, the visitor can request a meeting or leave their email to receive the latest promotions or news.

Moreover, we helped to create a dynamic marketing material that can be traced to give us clear insights about the impact of the events through the traffic data. Additionally, The Marketing team is now able to retarget the visitors on social media with laser targeted ads based on advanced segmentation.

And for sure, No more shipping costs and time consuming logistics!

We now live in the digital age, B2B marketing is one of the area that marketeers suffer and usually ignore despite that it’s a key success factor for majority of businesses.

Although all these powerful actions, but this is not the trick.. Thanks to this digital project, we will be able to trace all the activities have been taken through analytics such as how many person visited the page, from which city and what action they took. Additionally, we can now reach our clients online and laser target them with promotions or new services announcements on social media or through email marketing.

With the power of social media nowadays, we can expand our reach by creating looklike audience that can get you new leads similar to those people who visited your landing page.

Here is an overview about how it works

To make it easier for people to access this landing page we have created a QR card & stand such as the below examples which can be scanned to access our landing page.

One fantastic way to track your results is to use UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes. This simple technique can link your marketing practices to Google Analytics and give you the data you need to support an idea or switch gears to try something else.

Creating UTM links for each event, conference or even sales team members will allow us to track the engagement we got from this event specifically. Hence, we can take business decisions based on these data and calculate the productivity or ROI of events which shows if this event was successful and relative to us or not.

Commercial team now can make their presentation using their phone or iPad and share all the information through a simple link or the QR card!

With this initiative, we’ve managed to save huge cost, track our productivity, ROI and reach our partners on social media.