How I Improved My Productivity by 150%

Challenged Marketing Workplace

As your business grow, your clients increase, and every day a new projects pops-up; you get the feeling that your business is on the track, and who there does not adore abundance and success?! However, the more complex it becomes, the more organized things should be.

On my long short life career I used to utilize digital solutions to maximize business revenue. Generally, I enjoy analyzing customers behaviors and market insights to solve business problems in creative ways with the support of the latest tools. My strengths lie in having a distinctive mix of business & technology skills support by set of social and personal competencies.

Actually, I and my team are working on a vital environment within the marketing and technological field, where there are more than one project on the table; thanks to the trust that our clients give to us which we appreciate a lot. Every project is important to us, and every project involves different entities, parties and tasks that need to be done on the time.

Creative Solutions are Always There!

Nevertheless to mention, that a powerful workplace is always adorable and full of enthusiasm, however, if things weren’t organized in “the right way,” you could get easily distracted and overwhelmed. I always had to find away to coup with the larger projects scale and the more delegated tasks to my team. On the other hand, I used to prioritize each task properly and more importantly to automate the process as much as I can.

Generally, me and my team used to think out of the box, and to use the most recent technological tools to help us out in our business. On the other hand, me as a team leader came from Computer Engineering background, I have learned how to work with the Agile methodology. So I started to divide the projects into Epics and main phases of each project to be Sprints and the tasks into stories.

Using Online Management Tools

And here we are! At the beginning, I used Jira to manage and automate the process. Actually Jira is a tool which helps you to track issue and bugs related to your software and Mobile apps. Using Jira was successful far away; but I felt that I am working on a software project rather than a real project management tool! I told myself that more research is always better!

My efforts looking for sufficient managing tool ended up this time with ‘Nifly,’ the effective project managing tool. Actually, this tool is amazing! Finally,  I can create different projects, multiple teams that can be assigned to one or more projects.

Additionally, I can create milestone for each project and a dedicated task list related to each milestone. I can also assign the task to one of the team members, label the task based on the priority and assign deadline and reminder dates.

Another good thing about this tool that I can share the project tasks with public through sharing links, and they will have an access view. I used to use this feature with my boss to share with him the progress.

I decided to solve the distraction issue with a creative manner as well. I decided to use another great tool called Slash, which allows me to enter my daily tasks and to start focusing on one by one, while fixing the active task on my screen with a timer to keep reminding me of what I am working on.

Ending Up Being More Productive!

The overall results are such great. As from psychological perspective, it feels great and motivational to see the project progress increases whenever I tuck on a task. On productivity level, I felt that my mental health is much relieved; because the load became much less and I can now focus more on the assigned tasks I am working on without the fear of missing something.

Now, guess what? The business daily life of mine and me teamwork became further efficient and integrated. Not only our productivity increased, but also our stress levels about tasks and missions to be done before deadlines are on its lowest level right now!

Well, one thing more, our schedule is looking for more and more projects to be filled in without a double-think!

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