How Customer Interviews save your company from failure and boost your success

Customers Satisfaction for most businesses is the number one priority for success. We saw throughout the history how big some companies may fall, and how some others create a well-known brand name for themselves; just by understanding what their customers really want. It is not recommended at all to put all your customers’ desires in the same basket. There are always different methods you can use to understand how your customers think, and how to get as close as possible to their desires and needs.

Talking to your customers about your business shows a lot of positive perspectives. It brings you closer to your clients, and move you some steps forward on developing your projects.

 Customers interview

Can we interview our customers? Of course we can; we are talking here about testing your own ideas, and hear your customers thoughts at any stage of your company’s development.

Customers interviews will help you to figure out if the new features you designed is really cool and if it would meet your customers demands or not. It will help you to look forward on making new features that your customers need next. The importance of customers’ interviews based on the idea of finding out what works and discard the rest. That would save you a lot of time, efforts, and money.

Customer interviews on Kermalk App

A live experience on that is what we came across Kermalk loyalty system when we first start it. The idea with Kermalk was to start an app for happy hour offers for the F&B sectors to solve the problem of low traffic periods for restaurants. We thought it is a great idea and would be helpful for our users who are in this project the young Saudis. But we had to make sure before we start proceeding with the implementation that whatever we are building is going to really solving a problem for our users.

By this time we had identified 10 Saudis between male and female in different genders and age groups. I prepared the questionnaire with the assist of UX designer.

After finishing the interviews the results were surprising. The Saudis weren’t really in favour with this idea at all. It turns out that they really don’t like trying new restaurants unless a solid feedback from their trusted network. Even if this restaurants give them 50% offers and all the discounts on the world. They won’t just take a risk and go to those restaurants unless they are familiar with them.

So we saved a lot of money and efforts just by just getting into the heads of our customers by a simple interview with them. Not only that, but we were also able to develop Kermalk by providing  a retention program for the Saudi’s favourite restaurants.

That experience also showed as very important factor that has a positive affect on developing an idea before offering it to our customers to find out later that they don’t like it or it won’t do them any good or help them out after putting all the efforts and money for it. Which is the Agile approach

Waterfall approach Vs Agile approach

Is it really something better than the other?
Yes and no! Every method has its own use.
Our experience that we mentioned above with Kermalk, we used the Agile approach. As it shows it was really helpful and saved us a lot of time, efforts and money. It evaluated our idea before it was done, therefore we made some changes to it so it would suit our customers even more.

So Agile can do that for you; simply makes you to take a step back and to evaluate the project then resume it again with the changes you would like to have.

The idea of Agile is not to pre-plan too far out into the future. We use short iterations or sprints which are 30 days or less and at the end of that sprint, we are producing a workable type of increment that can be reviewed by the customer and they can add or change something.

On the other hand, waterfall approach is sequential process flow that means we are planning on advance. We take a look at different processes, we initiate, then we plan, then we execute and last steps are to monitor and to control.

Waterfall approach is used for consideration mass production and tangible long term work efforts and for the longer term projects.

But in all cases, you have to decide the way you will work on your project because this is one of the most critical aspects for your success.

You can check My failure experience when i didn’t stick with Agile

Find the best way out for your customers

Basically the methods and techniques are countless to approach our number one  goal which is giving the customer what they really needs and would be helpful for them. All we have to do is to choose the right ways to reach the goals and to stay trusted by our customers as that would help our business to grow and to capture the success.

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