5 Digital Marketing Trends for a Saudi Arabian Focus in 2019

Successful marketing starts with the identification of your target audience group and the determination of how they access most content and advertising.

When it comes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the statistics paint a clear picture of where a company’s marketing efforts should focus. This large nation enjoys ever-increasing Internet connectivity and an upward trend of visits to the world’s most popular social media platforms.

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1) 89% Of SA Are Connected and Half Of Them Are Mobile!

The bulk of new marketing that exists today focuses on the Internet and cellular networks. These direct-to-consumer methods also work for the growing population of people online in Saudi Arabia. Approximately 30.26 million people use the Internet regularly. That represents 89% of the KSA population. This is comparable to other modern countries around the world.

Of those millions of Saudi Arabian citizens, 16 million of them access the online world through smartphones and other mobile devices. This growing population of users is becoming a popular target for Internet-based marketing of all types.

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2) The Power of Digital Marketing for Saudi Arabia

With such a high percentage of Internet users, the push for companies to focus on digital marketing makes sense. Out of the 30 million people connected to the Internet, a full 88% of them access it every day. This puts them directly in front of the most powerful marketing messages around. If you want to sell a product or service to Saudi Arabians, focus on building a strong online platform for them.

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3) YouTube’s Popularity Tops the Charts

Out of all the most popular websites available, YouTube tops the charts in the KSA. It gets 83 million visits from this country every month, and the average length of time an individual stays on the site is 26 minutes. The people who come to YouTube regularly visit an average of 11 pages every time they launch the popular video site.

This gives marketers a great opportunity to attract attention and push for more sales. YouTube offers a wealth of opportunity for people who want to advertise products and services in Saudi Arabia.

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4) Snapchat Rises in YoY Analysis

Other international social media platforms engage people in Saudi Arabia with effective digital marketing as well. Snapchat represents the next highest level of audience engagement in the online social world. Over 13.6 million people visit it every month. Also, the largest percentage of those include women at 52%. If your company focuses on products or services of special interest to women, Snapchat is worth a closer look when it comes to digital marketing.

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5) Other Social Media Platforms Perform

Even with the power of YouTube and the popularity of Snapchat, it does not pay to ignore other social media platforms in your digital marketing strategy. Saudi Arabia is connected to all popular sites such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In the year-on-year user comparison, Snapchat users seem to be migrating to Instagram at a steady pace. It may be the one to watch for future online marketing. Instagram, partially due to their popular Stories feature, has grown 8.3% over the last few quarters. In order to design an effective marketing strategy that targets Saudi Arabian consumers, focusing on video ads and social media posts will get the most attention.

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When you study the statistics about past trends in Internet and mobile connectivity and the popularity of various social media sites in Saudi Arabia, there is no doubt that marketing trends will continue in this direction. If you want to reach this growing population of ready consumers, you need to approach them with effective marketing efforts where they spend their online time.

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