5 Challenged Situations to Track Your Campaigns Conversion

You could find uncountable challenges working on marketing and within creative team who are strong business driven marketers. The good news is that, there are so many tools like what we had mentioned above that could help you to automate, and to track the marketing process.

On the other hand, within our digital era, you could always find a solution that match with any challenge. Here we are going to discuss and give a potential solution recommendation for some of chosen challenges:

Part 1: Social Media Tracking Challenges

Case Number #1: You Are A Service Provider!

If you are a service provider business such as hotel bookings, consultations or even if you are providing accounting services and you are launching a digital marketing campaign; you may challenge to track the impact of your campaign if you just entered your company hotline. So if this is the case, it would be further better for you to use WhatsApp which is a great tool as an alternative CTA for the phone number.

 You can use WhatsApp perfectly for service ordering or inquiries. Some other unique benefit of using it is that you can align with the booking team to label the leads or bookings that came from the What’s App to be reported by end of the day or so.

Actually, these processes could be applied for phone calls as CTA; but it will not be so accurate because of the human factor involved in the cycle. One possibility at this point could be marketing for special deal or package through this campaign; which makes it simpler to be tracked.

Case Number #2: Influencers Campaigns

If you are launching an influencer campaign it’s difficult to track the ROI without having a clear CTA linked to the campaign. Otherwise, how could you track your campaign and sum up your analytics data?!

Here it would be useful to use a short link dedicated to your campaign with the proper attributes. This is how you could be allowed to measure the performance of the campaign.

One of tools that could help you in this case is AppGain; which will allow you to have the database from this influencer database.

Case Number #3: Snapchat

Some advertising channels such as Snapchat does not allow you to put the CTA as another social media app like What’s App or Instagram. In this case, you can use a simple landing page creator like

Part 2: Large Enterprises & Offline Ads Challenges

Case Number #4: International Companies

If you are part of International company, then most of the time it will be difficult for you to integrate your own analytic tool with the company main website. Therefore, you need to add a layer as main CTA before directing the customer to the final purchasing CTA.

Such cases CTA could be a shorten link or QR code. Your chosen digital solutions options could be linked with all the attributes and integrated with the social media pixel and Google Analytics.

The only point I would like to mention here is that, majority of time you won’t be able to track the final conversion; unless you are marketing for special deal. Yet, you can share your main CTA link or the attribute added to this link with the regional team; and ask them to track the conversion rate of this link from the analytic tool they use.

Case Number #5: Offline Campaigns

Some examples of offline campaigns are newspaper ads, flyer or even outdoor campaign. Nowadays, there are many ways for digital tracking this kind of campaigns; such as:

  • Applying a digital CTA; such as a tracked website short link, which allows you to track the link analytics through Google Analytics and even to integrate with social media pixels. For me, I use for this purpose.
  • Use a Coupon Code:
    • A coupon code can be redeemed from your website or mentioned when the customer call you in order to get the discount or reward.
  • Use a QR Code:
    • It’s an effective way to use now a QR Code. You can track the QR opens and performance though different tools such as

Plus Tips

  • If you are running more than one campaign on different channels at the same time, then you need to integrate with advanced tool; such as Appsflyer or Adjust.  These tools will empower you with an aerial view over the performance of all the running campaigns.
  • If you are launching in app store campaign ad or native mobile ad, then you will need to use advanced tools such AppGain.  This tool help you for a deep links’ analytics; which will allow you to calculate your ROI in more advanced way.


Using mentioned tools and solutions will let some space for you and your team to focus on creating creative ways to attract your customers’ attention, and to convey them to take an action.

So do not hesitate invest some time to use these tools efficiently, and I promise you it will not take long time for your company’s ROI indicators to be rise up with more productive attitude and less stress.

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